Friday, September 22, 2017

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The Department manages refugee’s affairs and coordinates maintenance services, and derives its mandate mainly from Refugee Act, 2006 and the 2009 Registration Regulations.  Other International Instruments which Kenya consented to include:
•    1951 Geneva Convention and 1967 Protocol
•    1969 OAU convention

The Department of Refugee Affairs’ mandate is drawn from the Refugee Act 2006 and it states as follows:
1.    Coordinate all measures necessary to promote the welfare and protection of refugees in Kenya
2.    Formulate policies on refugee matters in accordance with the international conventions and refugee Act 2006
3.    Ensure in liaison with UN agencies and other institutions, the provision of adequate facilities and services for protection, reception and care of refugees within Kenya
4.    Register all asylum seekers and refugees in Kenya and maintain a register for reference
5.    Issue identity cards and travel documents to refugee
6.    Manage refugee camps and other related facilities
7.    Promote the welfare of refugees and the host communities
8.    In collaboration with development partners, initiate projects that promote peaceful and harmonious co-existence between refugees and the host communities
9.    Solicit for funds for refugees assistance programs which have a positive impact on host communities
10.    Ensure that refugees’ economic and productive activities do not have a negative impact on the host communities, natural resources and the environment
11.    Ensure sustainable use of resources in the designated refugee hosting areas.

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